Dephos with DeLisa

Detergents for Parts Washers

PICO expert Mike DeLisa (

will demonstrate game-changing fastener detergent technology!

clean, dephosnickel finish

in-house at room temperature in a few short moments!

*For a limited time PICO is offering a free on-site demo of our parts washer detergent.  Schedule an appointment today!


*Demos are available in the states of IL & IN at this time.

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Don't take our word for what our customers have to say about PICO Chemical products & service

"We have been using PICO Quench Guard G for the past year and a half in one of our CNC plasma tables.  We run two plasma tables, so we're able to easily compare the advantages of using that verses just water.  The  QG has a noticeable effect in keeping the water table and slats clean, and makes it easier to clean and service.  We have also noticed that our plasma consumables stay clean and we seem to get a longer service life out of the consumables.  We cut a great deal of aluminum and have noticed we do not have hydrogen gassing afterwards.  This is a huge safety factor if we do not get to clean the water table immediately after cutting aluminum.  In fact, we now only clean the table with the QG at regular intervals, even after cutting aluminum.  We will be using QG in the other table now.  One of the best things about PICO is the ability to contact them, ask questions and get advice on how to maintain the product.  We received an answer immediately after contacting.  PICO is a great company with a product that noticeably saves us money."

                                                                                                                         Doug M - Fabrication Company, NY 



"PICO Chemical has been our supplier for many years.  We are very satisfied with the service & products.  We purchase cleaners, rust preventatives and stamping lubricants. PICO has met our needs by delivering on time and working with us on new requirements for our customers and our process." 

                                                                                                                         Rene C - Metal Industry