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About Us

We continually improve and innovate our products and services to achieve the highest degree of total performance, effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability to our customers operations.


Our primary focus is on the industries we serve:

  1. Manufacturers of paints, inks, resins, adhesives, coatings, etc.

  2. Metal working, metal forming, metal cutting, fabrication, parts and equipment cleaning, steel                                  processing and steel warehouses. 

  3. Adhesive formulators of automotive plastisols, epoxy curatives and other specific specialty                                     adhesives, resins, and protective coatings. 

PICO Chemical Corporation provides a comprehensive line of environmentally friendly, performance-proven technologies and support services by offering single source consolidation, improved performance, extended use and production life, lower operation costs, and a higher return on the customers investment (ROI).

PICO forms a partnership with our customers to continue to provide quality results that are distinctive to their individual and particular processes for their immediate and long-term needs.  We provide complimentary fluid analysis (CFA), lab reports and technical support of all PICO fluids to our customers. 

PICO Customer Service is committed to providing high levels of integrity and service by responding immediately to our customers' needs and requirements for excellence and reliability. 

PICO's manufacturing plant and headquarters are located near Chicago, Illinois USA.  Our staff, laboratory facilities and production practices each contribute to our industry reputation for premium quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.  Whether pail, drum, tote or bulk packaging, PICO delivers our specialty products for customers worldwide. 

Personalized Appeal 

Thorough knowledge of customer applications helps ensure the selection of the most suitable product to meet the customers' performance goals - whether the product is on-shelf or custom-formulated. 

reactor inspection.jpg

"PICO not only solved my initial reactor cleaning problems, but we got “bonus benefits” such as reduced cleaning time, reduced consumption and waste disposal costs.  Because of the reliability of their products and responsive support services, they’ve earned my confidence.  We now use PICO for all of our in-plant chemical needs." 

Safety & Environment

We place top priorities on safety and health, accident prevention, and environmental compliance for our employees, suppliers, customers and the communities served.

Ethics & Fairness

We stress and maintain to act fairly with high ethical standards, responsibility and transparency. PICO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Customer Focus

We provide all customers globally with premium quality, value added, and innovative solutions and services to mutually develop trust and achieve sustainable growth and reputation.

Emphasis to Human Resources

We promote and provide an environment for employees to find value, growth and opportunities in their work to continue to build positive relationships in the company.

Quality Policy

To provide products and services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations and to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system.

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