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Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors

PICOGUARD rust and corrosion inhibitors offer a wide range of protection characteristics, depending on customer-specific requirements, such as oily, semi-dry, dry, and /or waxy film.  Normal protection is subject to short or long-term indoor protection, short term in-process protection, under cover transit and / or outdoor storage protection, including acid and salt conditions for seasonal and/or year-round use.  Available in water-based, synthetic, petroleum or solvent based formulas. 

PICOGUARD rust and corrosion inhibitors offer a comprehensive line of innovative, technologically advanced, and field-proven product line to prevent rust from occurring on metal surfaces to minimize downstream issues and improve environmental compliance.  

PICOGUARD inhibitors may be applied by a variety of delivery systems, such as spray, brush, soak, immersion, roller coat and swab. 

PICOGUARD inhibitors are available as low and non-VOC fluids.


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