Rust and Scale Removers 

Environmentally friendly products designed to remove rust safely, economically and quickly.  They help eliminate the use of hazardous heavy acids, alkaline-based chemicals and/or shot blasting. 
Many historically used methods for rust and scale removal have included strong caustics, acids, mechanical and abrasive procedures.  For those who experience conditions of rust or scale, removal of most of the aforementioned conditions have been costly, inefficient and hazardous. 

Our most popular products for removing rust from steel parts are PICOCLEAN X-RUST and PICOCLEAN XR 100

PICOCLEAN X-RUST and PICOCLEAN XR 100 are pH-neutral, water-based solutions that are safe to use, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly. 

  • PICOCLEAN X-RUST is a concentrate that dilutes with water

  • PICOCLEAN XR 100 is used "as received" and is ready to use in the same manner as PICOCLEAN X-RUST. 

  • Both are industry proven to remove rust and/or scale by returning metal to its original quality surface appearance. 

  • Each product passivates metal, rinses easily with fresh water, and provides a short term protection. 

PICO also offers a complete line of products for most rust and scale removal conditions. 


  • Odorless, water-based and safe to use

  • Effective and improves surface appearance 

  • Paintable/weldable, pH neutral 


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