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Reactor and Production Tank
Cleaning Solutions

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Adhesive & Sealants Industry magazine.

We manufacture technologically-advanced cleaning solutions for the effective, efficient, fast removal of accumulated wet or dried adhesive, ink, paint, latex, resin, high tech and general industrial coatings from production tanks and reactors. 

Our products are especially effective on such things as reacted alkyd, acrylic, styrene, cross-linked latex, vinyl, epoxy, emulsion, polyurethane, amine, UV and resin coatings.  Also applicable is the cleaning of build-up in production equipment, heat exchangers, shipping containers and storage tanks. 

- Quick           - Reliable
- Complete     - Reusable
- Compliant    - Cost-Effective
"PICO not only solved my initial reactor cleaning problem, but we got “bonus benefits” such as reduced consumption and waste disposal costs.  Because of the reliability of their products and responsive support services, they’ve earned my confidence. We now use PICO for all of our in-plant chemical needs."  
Production Manager, acrylic resin manufacturer
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