Tube Forming Gel / Drawing Fluid 
Stamping Fluid

Non-toxic, Non-flammable

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  • Environmentally-friendly, safe to use

  • Oil-free 

  • Provides safety through elimination of smoke and fire

  • Helps ensure high-quality, productivity and efficiency 

  • Provides outstanding lubricity and cooling during bending/forming

PICODRAW 4030 Gel Tube Bending Lubricant is formulated to provide maximum barrier lubrication in the forming and bending of Ferrous and Non Ferrous metal tubes.  Cool to the touch in process, PICO 4030 Gel Tube Bending Lubricant eliminates the risk of smoke and fire potential, minimizes welding/dripping and can be welded over. Performance proven product quality is achieved through no stress, strain, cracks or stains.  Ease of application. 

PICODRAW 4030 Gel Tube Bending Lubricant has a thixotropic consistency that prevents dripping and waste.

PICO offers a full line of bending/forming/drawing/stamping fluids.