PICOCLEAN - Fastener cleaners and detergents provide a one-step process to save you time and money 
A "Game Changer"
One-Step Clean and De-phos
for that "Nickel" Finish
all done In-House


*Fastener Plant Saves a Whopping

Half a Million $$ in One Year*

- Quick, complete and

reliable  results

-Eliminate expenses and time hauling parts off-site and back from outsourced cleaning

-Discontinue extra steps prior to heat treating 

-Split out oil for extended bath life

-Low operation temperature and use-concentration

-Controlled foam

-Automotive approved

A one-step, heavy-duty detergent to dephos and remove a variety of extrusion and machine oils, drawing compounds, molybdenum disulfide and phosphate coatings from metal fastener surfaces in rotary, drum, tunnel, turntable and conveyor type industrial parts washer applications.  Offers reduced cleaning time, low operating temperature and concentration, controlled foam, long tank life, oil rejection and exceptional performance.
A one-step cleaner to provide a BRIGHT "NICKEL" FINISH on metal fasteners. Removes a wide variety of lubricants from ferrous metal fasteners and parts in rotary, drum, tunnel, turntable, conveyor and soak type industrial parts washer applications.
A one-step cleaner to clean metal fasteners and related ferrous metals in rotary, drum, tunnel, turntable and conveyor type industrial parts washer applications.
A multi-purpose spray/immersion cleaner to remove a wide variety of machine oils, drawing/stamping/machining lubricants and coolants from all metals. 
An environmentally friendly, industrial grade, concentrated cleaner for dissolving and removing grease, oil, dirt, etc. from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and composite surfaces.  Replaces and consolidates multiple products in one single product.
Designed to clean and brighten non-ferrous and ferrous metals.  Highly recommended for cleaning and brightening brass, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.
A production tank pre-cleaner with outstanding performance to thoroughly dissolve, flush, and clear residual buildups of oils, dirt, and contaminants left inside rotary, drum, tunnel, turntable, and conveyor type industrial parts washers.

A controlled, low- foaming chemistry for metal cleaning in industrial parts washers.
It is a one-step spray cleaner designed to remove and emulsify a variety of extrusion oils, machine oils, drawing compounds, and more. PICOCLEAN PW 36 is very effective in rotary, drum, tunnel, turntable and conveyor type parts washers. PICOCLEAN PW 36 offers excellent detergency, low operating temperature, low concentration use, outstanding tank life, and exceptional performance in one product.
PICOCLEAN PW 36 helps eliminate additional cleaning steps and post-process procedures.
PICOCLEAN PW 36 is effective in removing grease, soot, heavy oils, coolants, and drawing and stamping lubricants from steel surfaces.
Phosphate Blue Test Kit
A metal working testing kit that is used to detect the presence of phosphate coatings. PICO testing solution changes to an easily identifiable blue color when ions are present and an olive brown color when there are no phosphate ions present.