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*Best Selling Product Line in the United States*

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     Pico expert Mike DeLisa PowerPoint talk on our table conditioners (2½ minutes)

A water-based, biostable, plasma table fluid, oxy-fuel cutting table systems fluid coolant, with built in rust/corrosion inhibitor and conditioner for ferrous and aluminum surfaces.
A water-based, multi-fuctional (drilling & tapping), biostable coolant, with built in rust/corrosion inhibitor for ferrous, aluminum, cast, stainless, and composite surfaces in plasma table fluid, oxy-fuel and machining centers and saw cutting machine.
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A multi-purpose cleaner designed for use in plasma, oxy and waterjet tables and also as a machining center cleaner.  
A universal plasma torch coolant specially designed and formulated for plasma cutting and TIG, MIG welding torch recirculating and resistance welding systems.  Safe on mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
A non-VOC, environmentally and ecologically safe-to-use heat transfer fluid additive for cold-weather applications.  

All above products are available in:

*5-Gallon Pails     *30-Gallon Drums     *55-Gallon Drums     *275/330 gallon Tote Containers  


"All pail, drum, tote, and shipping containers are designed, manufactured, and certified to meet UN requirements for shipping"                 

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