• Environmentally-friendly coolant, lubricant and corrosion inhibitor.

• Table conditioner primarily for use in plasma and waterjet cutting/burn table systems.

• Safe to use on ferrous, stainless, non-ferrous, galvanized, aluminum, copper and brass surfaces.

• Cools and quenches cutting surfaces, protects ferrous machinery components and processed parts from corrosion.

• Helps maintain the integrity of the metal for precision cuts without tail-off.

• Non-tacky, won't bum-up torch; non-discernible, non-staining and easy to use.

• Exhibits a comprehensive surface coverage for improved cutting, performance and protection.

• Prevents odor build-up and bacteria in systems.

• DOES NOT contain oil, nitrites, formaldehyde, wax and silicone.

• Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-carcinogenic.

• Non-foaming under high pressure, rejects (splits out) tramp oils and exhibits excellent product stability.

• Does not need to be removed before pickling, painting or welding.

• Has no adverse effect to weld integrity and produces good integral bonding.

• Will not degrade resulting in significantly less consumption.

• Does not require special handling.

• Recommended to be used from 5-10% dilution by volume in ALL water.

• Clear, green fluid with mild odor.

• Has NO flash point.

Pico Quench Guard G

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