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Foxman: Thanks for the opportunity to share on this important topic order meclizine 25 mg line medicine joji. We discussed anxiety disorders and panic attacks purchase 25mg meclizine otc symptoms 0f heart attack, how to respond to a panic attack meclizine 25mg line 6mp medications, recovering from a panic attack and using diaphragmatic breathing, anti-anxiety medications, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and progressive exposure used in anxiety treatment. Audience members shared their ideas for controlling panic and treatments for anxiety including anxiety support groups, helpful books on anxiety, self help tapes for anxiety and video programs to overcome panic attacks. Carbonell also makes frequent presentations on anxiety. Many of the people who visit feel pretty hopeless and pessimistic about recovering from anxiety and panic. And so I see many people who, in other areas of their lives can solve all kinds of problems, have a lot of trouble with these. Carbonell: In the case of panic disorder, I mean a person can get to the point of no longer fearing a panic attack. And when you get to that point, they tend to fade away. David: A moment ago, you mentioned "tricks" to getting over these problems of panic and anxiety. And so, people will hold their breath during a panic attack; will stand rooted to the ground; will flee. And so a fundamental trick of a panic attack is learning how to respond differently. It requires:ACCEPTING the panic, and working with it, rather than opposing it. David: We have one audience member who agrees with you on the reaction to a panic attack:Dr. But it just invites the panic back, again and again. David: Does it take therapy and/or anti-anxiety medications to recover from panic and anxiety, or can one do it on their own? Carbonell: I think most, not all, people will require some kind of professional help, although I know some can do it with a good anxiety support group. I think the majority of people can make a good recovery, without anti-anxiety medications, if they find a good source for cognitive behavioral therapy, using progressive exposure. And some, though far fewer than actually use them, will require medications. David: I asked the above question because there are plenty of books on anxiety and video programs to overcome panic attacks on the market that purport to cure you of panic and anxiety. There are skills which can be taught in those books and videos, but in my experience many people need some coaching to see how to apply them. You need to learn how to work with, and accept the panic, so that you lose your fear of it. Carbonell: Well, the fears are irrational, or illogical, however you want to call it. In panic disorder, people become chronically afraid of awful consequences, like death and insanity, which do not occur as a result of panic. So the task is one of learning how to calm yourself when you experience these illogical fears. Carbonell: Cardiovascular exercise is an excellent way to reduce your susceptibility. David: And why is cardiovascular exercise good for reducing panic and anxiety? Cardio in general is "good for what ails you", be it depressed or anxious mood, because it gets you moving. It stimulates natural painkillers the body produces. And, especially for panic, it helps you get used to natural physical sensations, like sweating and increased heart rate, which often seem scary. Mucky: I know in my head that my fear is not rational but my body reacts to those situations which put me in a similar situation. Carbonell: First, by accepting that you can get afraid, even when you are in no danger whatsoever. And then learn some ways, and practice them, to calm your body. Diaphragmatic breathing would generally be the first one to learn. It was like, "ok you have panic attacks," and was not given medications or anything. I have learned so much from the anxiety support groups here at HealthyPlace. Carbonell: And on my site, there are instructions, and a video clip, for the breathing. Carbonell: You really do need to learn those skills. Therapy without the skills is really missing something important. Sweetgirl01: Can severe anxiety be caused by biochemical factors? Carbonell: It seems to be the case that there are biological predispositions to panic disorder and other conditions. Learning and habit are what maintain the problem, and also offer the way out. David: I mentioned earlier that many people who suffer from anxiety and panic feel helpless and pessimistic about recovery. So all I could suggest is, be aware that your discouragement can prevent you from finding the help that may be more available now than when you first looked. Carbonell: In general, recovery is more difficult for those who have suffered longer. They tend to feel more discouraged, and they tend to have incorporated the phobias into their life to a greater degree.

A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that a testosterone patch could improve sexual interest and activity in women who had low desire after having their ovaries removed discount 25 mg meclizine visa medications54583. But the dangers of taking steroids has led many to question the safety of the approach buy discount meclizine 25mg on-line medicine games, prompting the Food and Drug Administration to turn down a request to make the testosterone treatment available for women generic meclizine 25mg visa medicine go down. Regardless of what is used in the bedroom, experts say that the key to good sex begins with discussion. These include: Hypoactive sexual desire disorder : Men with this disorder have a persistent lack of sexual desire or appetite, absence of sexual fantasies and complete lack of interest in and avoidance of sexual contact with a partner. The National Institutes of Health estimates 15 million to 30 million American men do suffer from erectile dysfunction and need drugs to have sexual intercourse. It may be caused by boredom or unhappiness in a long-standing relationship or result from traumatic events in childhood or adolescence. Possible physical causes include drug side effects and hormonal deficiencies. Sometimes, boosting abnormally low testosterone levels may help. Male orgasmic disorders: Also called ejaculatory disorders, they include inhibited ejaculation (orgasm does not occur) and premature ejaculation (when ejaculation occurs before, during or soon after penetration and before the man desires). Inhibited orgasm is usually caused by a psychological disorder such as depression or anxiety, or use of substances like alcohol or drugs. The cause of premature ejaculation is unclear but is thought to result from a combination of psychological and physical factors. Both problems aretypically treated with therapy that teaches the man and his partner techniques for either producing or slowing down orgasm. In some cases, premature ejaculation can be treated with small doses of an SSRI, an antidepressant such as Prozac^, Paxil^ or Zoloft^, taken either daily, or one to two hours before a sexual encounter. This disorder usually starts out as an inflammation, leading to a hardened scar that causes the penis to bend sharply when erect. If hardening occurs on both sides, indentations and shortening may result. The scarring or hardening can make erections painful and intercourse difficult or impossible. The bent or misshapen appearance of the penis can lead to emotional distress, which in turn worsens any sexual difficulties. A physician will usually monitor the man closely for about a year, watching the plaque development and checking erectile function. Medications that might help to alleviate plaque buildup include topical vitamin A, collagenase ointment, B-complex vitamins or calcium channel blockers. Surgeons have developed various techniques for removing the plaque without affecting penile function. Dyspareunia: Men who experience dyspareunia, or pain during intercourse, usually have an underlying problem such as prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) or some kind of nerve damage. For women, the figure is thought to be much higher, somewhere between 40 and 50%. A woman ducking out of sex, the headache thing, "is as American as apple pie," says Weiner-Davis. So no one has real information on just how many men are affected. Nevertheless, there appears to be a great and growing gap between the reality of the current state of male desire and the cultural mythology surrounding it. Weiner-Davis is seeing it among the couples who turn up at her door for help. And their low sex drive often has little to do with hormones or biology and a lot to do with the women in their lives. The first inkling that something unusual was going on in the bedroom occurred some years ago, Weiner-Davis reports. Whether lack of desire originates with husband or wife, the end result is the same. There is a lack of physical contact, which is experienced by the other partner as the ultimate rejection. The sex-starved marriage is really all about feeling wanted. In the presence of a mismatch of desire, all intimacy drops out on all levels in addition to the sexual. So, not surprisingly, Weiner-Davis has some counsel for couples in relationships marked by mismatched desire. It basically comes down to what she calls the Nike approach: JUST DO IT!!! She points out that the quickest way to change feelings is to take action, that most people have to make things happen. We know this, and take action, in other areas of our life, like exercise. But somehow we make sexuality a forbidden zone, outside the laws of mortals. As the Italians say, the appetite comes while eating.. And in response to action, miraculously the other spouse becomes happy, feels much more wanted, and more committed to the relationship. And he or she begins to do things without being asked. Written by Alex Robboy, MSW, QCSW, LCSW,CASMost people are not in the mood for sex twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. However, if the feeling of not wanting sex persists, you might be experiencing a sexual aversion. Most sexual aversions can be worked through with good communication skills.

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Also purchase 25mg meclizine with amex medicine allergic reaction, two woman bring something very different and special than two men buy meclizine 25mg line treatment wpw, or a man and a woman couple buy meclizine 25mg with mastercard medicine dropper. I find that with woman, there is at times a fusion/unhealthy merging because both have been conditioned as woman to be relational in a heterosexual couple. The male slow this down from his being socialized to be distant emotional. At the same time, two men are raised to be distant emotionally, and as a result, there is often a "parallel relationship", or good friends type relationship, because there is not a woman pushing for relational experience. These are sweeping generalizations, but I often see this and have read about it in mypractice. I also think that GLBT have tremendous difficulty accepting differences in their relationships, more so than our straight counterparts do, because we have been unaccepted our whole lives. David: So are you saying that even though a person may have sexual feelings for another man or woman, that they are still conditioned psychologically to behave as a man or woman would in a hetero relationship and this makes a same-sex relationship difficult? As a therapist, I find myself helping female couples differentiate and tolerate the differences, and reducing the merging that can occur, because both are groomed to be relational. As for the men, I find myself coaching them to come into the relationship more, and stop all the over-working and volunteer activities and remember that they have a partner. David: I also want to address the issue of homophobia amongst gays and lesbians. Consider that we were raised from birth to be homophobic and heterosexist. That is imprinted upon us, and it is my belief that it takes a lifetime to undo this. We are the worst to each other regarding being homophobic because we find out that we are the very thing we were taught to hate and despise. Marci: My partner and I have been together for 13 years. I would challenge you however, as to why they need to call you aunt? You are their stepmother so why not just your first name? I do not find this to be common at all to call the partner aunt or uncle. Now I can channel my energy to positive ways, even though I keep the secret. David: Joe, the next person (a male) is in a relationship with a bisexual man, who he says is more gay than hetero. For you to tell him what you like so he knows how to pleasure you, and for him to ask and be empathic to what your needs are. They tease him about painted toenails and the color pink. You and he might want to reconsider how much time you spend with his family, or limit the amount of time. My usband was the only man I was ever with, other then abusers. I was only ever with one woman, and that was in the last year. I am finding it hard to find my place to save those I love happiness. Joe Kort: I would recommend to you, butterfly, that you get therapy to examine why you are having difficulties. It makes sense that when you were married to a man your problems were minimal because the natural power struggle and conflicts cannot surface in a mixed orientation marriage. You are out of denial now, and conscious living IS more difficult, but MUCH more freer. Sharing part of his life story with us and his knowledge and expertise. I appreciate being here tonight, and having the audience participate. David: Thank you everyone for coming tonight, and good night. Roy Young talks about "Gay and Lesbian Relationships. David: Our topic tonight is "Gay and Lesbian Relationships. He specializes in treating gay men and lesbians in individual and couples therapy. Roy Young: I think that they are correct, but that may not be the main problem to the stability of marriages. Eric Erickson noted that It is the "sad truth that in any system based on suppression, exclusion, and exploitation, the suppressed, excluded and exploited unconsciously believe in the evil image which they are made to represent by those who are dominant. Roy Young: There are a lot of ways to deal with internalized homophobia. Having a good gay support network to talk with is important. Then, of course, you may decide to live in a community which is homosexual friendly. Coming out publicly may be a way of facing your fear. David: Since you work with gay and lesbian couples, what would you say are the biggest relationship issues that they face? Roy Young: There are a number of issues: there are all the issues which faces straight couples, which we can talk about also. There are a lot of reasons for this in both straight and lesbian couples, and those are often dealt with in-family therapy. A lot of the problems come from issues (not necessarily gay or lesbian) having to do with the couple repeating in their marriage or seeking in their marriage certain familiar things they experienced in their family of origin. A good book explaining this is Getting the Love You Want: a Guide for Couples , Harville Hendrix, Ph. I recommend that you talk with a qualified Imago therapist if you really want to understand this stuff, but the book is written for the layman. For example, identifying if attraction to the same sex is due in part to abuse issues?

So she confronted me about it later and when she showed me the picture discount 25mg meclizine visa symptoms emphysema, I admitted it 25mg meclizine with amex symptoms gerd. I tried to explain as calmly as I could purchase 25mg meclizine with mastercard symptoms 9dp5dt, even though I was frantic with worry. People finding out has always been one of my worst fears. And I looked at my watch and realized that I was going to be late for an English class. I wish I had read something about how to talk to someone about self-injury. I think that maybe it would have turned out better if I had skipped the class, because, of course, she panicked and told the Resident Assistant (who is just a graduate student that gets free room and board for living in the dorm and keeping the rest of us in line). The RA called me into her office that evening and told me that I would have to get counseling at the university counseling center or I would be kicked out of the dorm and be put on behavioral probation until I either graduated or complied. It may not seem like much of a threat, but I was terrified. And behavioral probation - I was a good student in class and in the dorm. So I went to the counselor, an older man with long bushy grey hair and wire rimmed glasses. I signed a paper insisting that the only information that could be released if anyone asked was that I was there, so that was one less thing to worry about. He told me that I could be institutionalized for doing what I was doing, which is certainly incentive to at least pretend to recover in a hurry. Basically, he said that I should stop self-injuring because there are better and healthier ways of dealing with things. That roommate was only one of several people that have known about my self injury. Of all the people that have known, Angela and Kelly by far handled it the best. They were my best friends in college and they probably know more about me than anyone, second only to my boyfriend. Instead, they went to the library and printed out as much information as they could get off of the internet. Not only did other people have the same problem, but I had friends that were willing to learn about it by my side. I cut because cutting makes me feel strong and in control when emotions make me feel weak and vulnerable. It may hurt, but I need to know that I can take it, because I want to be tough and self-sufficient and in control. I hate guilt, and nothing makes me feel guiltier than knowing that someone is worried about me, especially if its someone that I love and care about. And I guess I cut sometimes because I hate myself, or I hate the way I feel and act. Self injury is an addiction, and like other addictions, sometimes I do it for no good reason at all. This is scariest for me because its more random, less in control, less easy to explain. Self-injury had taken over due to depression and psychosis. I continued my self-injury behaviors because it helped me to release my inner torment and allowed me to see myself bleed and suffer externally. At age 19, my therapist, Mary, at United Way, took me to a psychiatric emergency room and had me evaluated. All throughout my 20s, I continued to hurt myself, taking out my inner agony on me. I referred to them as battle wounds when somebody would inquire. I continued to cut my arms all over and, at times, my knees. The following story I mailed to HealthyPlace tells what happened later. I suffer from Major Depression, Schizoaffective Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I would not injure myself to kill myself, just to take away the agony I felt internally. They would see all the agony I suffered and not bother me at all. And when I would go to self-injury treatment, the therapists would see them. Eleven years ago, I got a therapist, who after one year together drew up a self injury contract. By that time, we had developed enough trust and we both hoped I would follow a contract. The contract also stated that if I wanted to voluntarily enter the psych hospital, I had to have her approval to do that. I had been going to hospital every other month and now I had to check with my therapist before I went in. It shocks me because I used to slash myself up on a daily basis and attempt suicide every other month or so. Now, as a self-harm alternative, I shave the sides of my head when I feel agonized. It gives me a Mohawk, like an Indian going to war, only I am warring with myself. Both my parents live in the same house with me, and I have one little brother named Matt. I hate confrontation, and I never feel I can fight back because my greatest fear is being abandoned by the people I care about.

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