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By E. Diego. University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

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If you think the writer is unfamiliar with the publication generic 200mg urispas free shipping, send one or two back copies. Knowing exactly where it will go will help the writer to do such basic things as write to length and ensure the right tone. The writer needs a clear confir- mation of the subject matter and broad intent, so that he or she can start to work out an appropriate message (see brief setting). You should have agreed this verbally, and it should be realistic for both of you. This is a controversial issue nowadays and some editors may feel safer leaving this out and hoping for the best (see copyright). If you have done your job, by the time the deadline comes you will have exactly what you want – or better. Writers spend long and lonely hours, and usually crave reassurance it has been worthwhile. Many articles disappear into black holes, with authors getting feedback only when someone tells them they have seen the article in print. Commissioning editors, therefore, should always say thank you, by phone, e-mail, letter or in person. If you decide that the article is not what you want, you can ask the writer to try again (in which case you have to be specific about the exact things he or she needs to do). Alternatively you can reject it, in which case you have a duty to return it as quickly as possible to the author, who may wish to submit it elsewhere (see rejection). In such cases you may wish to offer a slightly lower amount as a kill fee. Anything written in committee usually ends up being written for the committee (or rather the powerful figures within it), not for the target audience (see false feedback loop). Communication theories Communication is a compli- cated business and there are all types of theories that take into account a wide range of factors influencing all those involved in the process, such as knowledge, context and motivation. For effective writing as defined in this book, however, a basic reader-centred model will suffice.

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University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

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