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By S. Grim. Westminster College, New Wilmington Pennsylvania. 2017.

Some journals resist figures and prefer tables 45 mg midamor with amex, some journals resist the use of percentages and prefer you to give both the numerators and denominators in the tables, and some journals have a limit on the number of tables, figures, or citations that they will accept. Some journals request that you check your spelling using the Oxford English Dictionary, others specify the Macquarie Dictionary or Webster’s Dictionary. It is best to know about the quirks of your journal of first choice so that you can adopt their format early in the piece. To expedite the publication of your work, try to be realistic and choose the right journal first time. However, if your paper is rejected and you decide to submit it to a second journal, then keep in mind that some journals request that you also send the previous reviewers’ comments plus your responses. The editor will want to be assured that you have addressed and/or amended any problems that have already been identified. There are no published statistics about journal shopping 20 Getting started practices, but an editor will obviously not be interested in a paper that has been rejected from other journals on the basis of fundamental problems with study design. Remember that if you do submit to another journal, reading the instructions to authors and modifying the manuscript accordingly will improve your chances of publication. This may also save you time because many journals will automatically return papers that do not meet their standards. A study by researchers at Stanford University suggested that prestige, whether the journal usually publishes papers on a particular topic, and reader profiles are important factors that influence decisions about where to send a manuscript. In the end, your decision on where to send your paper will be based on many factors and, in deciding, you will need to respect the advice of your colleagues and coauthors. Uniform requirements The Uniform Requirements are instructions to authors on how to prepare manuscripts, not to editors on publication style. International Committee of Medical Journal editors (www3) All draft papers should be prepared in a format that is consistent with the “Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals”. The group naturally became known as the Vancouver group and the standard format is still referred to as Vancouver format. The first uniform requirements for manuscripts and recommendations for formatting references were published in 1979, and an updated version can now be accessed via the world wide web (www3).

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The pterygia occur secondarily on the neck connective tissue immediately beneath the subcutis cheap midamor 45mg with visa. The position of the sciatic nerve is important as it This is an autosomal-recessive inherited disorder, can pass through the pterygium. The differential diagnosis must rule of the blood vessels remains normal in all forms of the out other syndromes (Turner, Noonan, Leopard). Pterygia in the popliteal fossa are the main fea- skin is lengthened by a plastic surgery procedure (Z- ture, although they may also occur on the neck, elbow plasty or with interposed tissue). The patients also suffer from scoliosis stretched continuously by conservative means (cast or with vertebral and finger deformities [9, 33]. Extension contractures of the hips, clubfeet or meta- Shortening or extension osteotomy of the distal femur tarsus adductus, facial dysmorphias with cleft lip and. This rare condition (also known The pathological subcutaneous band should be resect- as Brachmann-de-Lange syndrome) is characterized by ed to prevent recurrences. Stretching of the knee may stunted growth, microcephaly, bushy eyebrows (which need to be supplemented by Achilles tendon length- join over the base of the nose), epicanthus, diminished ening. The result after surgical correction is difficult growth, limb abnormalities (small hands and feet, proxi- to predict and the condition has a strong tendency to mally displaced thumb, clinodactyly of the little finger, recur. Intensive physiotherapy is needed to pre- ray defects on the ulnar and radial side, possibly with serve major joint function. Distal ray defects are also present on the The prevalence of this syndrome, also known as oculo- extremities [9, 42]. The gene ence a permanently delayed development in their learn- map locus is 14q32. Various inheritance patterns, includ- ing abilities, although the spectrum of intellectual skills ing autosomal-dominant or -recessive, are discussed in is wider than used to be assumed some years ago. Early the literature [9, 38, 43], as is the possibility of its develop- counseling and individual stimulation is very important ment during embryogenesis. Patients with Goldenhar of the limb deformities and psychomotor retardation. In syndrome show facial asymmetry, one-sided mandibu- our experience, conservative measures generally prove lar hypoplasia, cleft lip and palate, auricular hypoplasia, sufficient since the children – subject to the limitations eye abnormalities, deformities of the cervical spine and imposed by their deformed limbs – cope well in accor- cardiac anomalies.

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