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Metalworking and composite manufacturers constantly strive to improve productivity by increasing tool life; running cleaner parts and machinery; extend solution life; and reduce waste disposal costs. PICO’s performance proven products help customers achieve these goals through advanced technology, technical support and personalized service.

Whether using through-feed systems, small individual sumps or large central systems for lubricant delivery, PICO products are formulated for today's operational demands to improve productivity on all metals, space age materials, plastics, glass and composites.

In the "evolution” of coolants and drawing fluids, PICO is a leader in the "intelligent design" of cutting-edge water-based synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids used for the entire gamut of metalworking needs, in addition to our proven line of soluble and
straight oil products.

For machining, cutting, grinding, drawing, stamping and forming applications, our performance-proven, technologically-advanced products provide benefits such as:

high lubrication
hard water stability
corrosion protection
tramp oil rejection
reduced consumption
long lasting usage
excellent heat dissipation
easy mixing
• enviromental compliance

• non-foaming
increased tool life
reduced disposal costs
visibility of workpiece, tooling
no tank side additive additions
• clean running
• easy cleanoff


PICO products are environmentally friendly and are often custom-formulated to meet unique application requirements. We provide complete technical support and services.
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