Our First Blog: Your Business is Our Business

Welcome to the new PICO Chemical Corporation blog! You can find information on our website about the environmentally-friendly, advice   value-enhanced, specialty chemicals and lubricants we manufacture; we’ll use this space to explore topics related to our business in more detail.\n\nAlthough we take pride in the quality of our products, our focus today is on a different strength of at least equal importance — our exceptional customer service mentality. The purpose of our cleaning, conditioning, lubricating, and corrosion protection products is to provide value through improved efficiencies, bolstered performance, and cost reductions.  Any time you spend waiting for product is time lost.  This is why we have a culture organized around responsiveness.  We go beyond the call of duty, coming early and staying late if required for fast production turnaround and delivery.  This responsiveness holds for small batches and even bulk/drum shipments (our production capacity is +20,000 gallons).\n\nAnother reason we can respond so quickly is that we plan ahead.  The same way you rely on us, we depend on our materials suppliers. We’ve taken as much of the responsibility into our own hands as possible, keeping quantities of our most-used raw materials in stock.  Also, after over 36 years in this business, we have developed strong relationships with top-quality, service-driven suppliers, who deliver quickly when we need them. Commitment to customer service also encompasses quality; for example, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified. And if one of our regular line products does not suit an application, we will custom formulate a product for that need.\n\nWhether you’re looking for a specific product, or you’re interested in learning more about environmentally- or operator-friendly alternatives, consider us a resource to satisfy your process improvement and regulatory needs.

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