How Water-Based Products Improve Metalwork Processing While Reducing Cost

Sustainability is a major buzzword today. Greening your business operations is a way to not only contribute to a cleaner, cialis buy   safer work environment, but it’s also a great way to appeal to a wider audience that is conscious of their ecological footprint. Regardless of your motives, many times these efforts also result in measurable cost savings.\n\nHow Being Green Saves Green\n\nFor one screw machine manufacturing plant, making the switch from straight oil to a water-based technology ended up saving them thousands of dollars.\n\nThe shop used 10 machines, each with its own 50-gallon sump. With a cost of $10 per gallon for the straight oil product, the total charge-up cost was $5,000. After learning about the water-based alternative, they decided to make the switch. The new product had a use-cost of just $1.50 per gallon, resulting in an overall cost of $750. Much of the savings come from the fact that the product is concentrated, allowing it to be cut at just 10% in water.\n\nNot only do environmentally friendly products work just as well as others, in some cases, they work better. In the case of the water-based metalworking lubricant, the product’s finish was improved, and the shop floor was left cleaner and safer for workers. Staff no longer had to worry about breathing in noxious fumes or slipping on an oil slick. Disposal costs were also reduced thanks to the elimination of environmentally hazardous oil.\n\nTo learn more about this screw machine shop case study, view the page on LinkedIn. Visit our website to learn more about water-based metalworking solution concentrates.

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