The Benefits of a Complimentary Fluid Analysis Program

Perhaps one of the greatest services Pico Chemical provides is our Complimentary Fluid Analysis Program (CFAP) for customers. The Program provides experienced technical service and laboratory analysis to ensure optimal functioning of products and systems. This is offered at no cost to customers who continue to use Pico’s cleaners and/or lubricants.\n\nThe Program focuses on 6 main objectives:\n


  1. Improving Quality and Performance
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  3. Reducing Consumption
  4. \n

  5. Reducing Maintenance and Labor
  6. \n

  7. Reducing Treatment and Disposal
  8. \n

  9. Improving Safety and Environmental Compliance
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  11. Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI)
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\nBy meeting these objectives, and   we aim to save customers money. Product consumption, physician sovaldi maintenance, advice and disposal methods all have associated costs. By optimizing performance, we’re helping to reduce these costs. In addition, one of our core goals at Pico is to be kind to the environment. Keeping that in focus as one of our main objectives helps us reach that goal.\n\nAs far as the program itself, we typically recommend a quarterly sample analysis in which samples are sent to our facility in clean containers. We’ll even provide a sample mailer kit when necessary. Our team then analyzes the sample and produces a detailed report which is later discussed with the customer.\n\nWe provide testing for just about anything, including pH, corrosion, solids content, bacterial and fungal growth, and more. Once we receive the sample, technicians begin the analysis within 24 hours. Once testing is complete, we get started on the report and provide recommendations, if necessary. Identifying and fixing problems as early as possible can reduce costs and improve overall function.\n\nFor more information and to set up a Complimentary Fluid Analysis, please contact us at your convenience.

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