How Warm Weather Contributes to Rust, and Why It Matters to You

As we enter the full-swing of summer, sovaldi sale here it’s hard to see past the obvious gifts of the season – lounging by the pool and taking some much needed vacation. But summer also brings some unwelcome guests, and   especially for those of us in the manufacturing industry.\n\nIndustrialists in metalworking capacities, freight and shipping, warehousing and storage, and numerous other markets must be vigilant about preventing rust in warmer months.\n\nWhile warm air doesn’t technically “hold” more water, as many people believe, higher temperatures cause water molecules to move faster. This allows water to exist as a gas rather than just as a liquid. We know this gaseous water better as humidity. And while humidity may be uncomfortable for people, it can be downright destructive to metal – causing rust and corrosion.\n\nTo prevent rust in metal warehouses, one solution is implementing a dehumidification system. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from environmental air, and condense it as liquid waste that can be easily drained away. But all equipment malfunctions and fails at some point, and having an additional safeguard in place is necessary.\n\nIn addition, not all products can rely on dehumidification, including shipping barges, fleet vehicles and even bridges and rail lines.\n\nApplying rust and corrosion inhibitors to vulnerable metal is a great way to protect it from moisture damage. The coatings act as a shield from water, and some are even formulated to protect against threats like acid and salt. Salt is a big concern for freight companies that travel overseas. Ocean brine is very corrosive, and most metals need to be properly treated to survive under such conditions.\n\nWith the right metal coatings in place, even threats like warm weather and high humidity can be minimized for manufacturers, shippers, and warehousing facilities.

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