It’s Easy Being Green: Sustainability in Manufacturing

With Earth Day now behind us and World Environment Day approaching on June 5, sovaldi sale   being green is on the minds of many. Consumers aren’t the only ones incorporating sustainability into their daily lives,  however. There are many ways metalworkers and other manufacturers can make their operations more environmentally friendly.\n\nClean and Green\n\nOne of the easiest ways to go green is by using environmentally friendly cleaning products. All businesses require products that will keep workspaces clean and healthy, but these products don’t need to contain harsh chemicals. Look at the ingredient labels in your supply closets and see which products can be swapped. Call Pico once you’re ready to make the switch.\n\nConduct an Audit\n\nConserving energy will not only boost corporate sustainability, but will also help the bottom line. Finding and fixing areas that are poorly insulated or have other damage will increase the efficiency of your operations.\n\nRecycle Waste Materials\n\nBy now most business establishments have at least one designated bin for recyclables such as paper or plastic. But what about metals? Metalworking usually produces a substantial quantity of scrap material. See if there’s a way to recycle these scraps, either onsite or via an outside facility.\n\nConsider No- or Low-Emission Equipment\n\nA number of auto manufacturers now have green lift trucks available. Consider upgrading your industrial fleet, or incorporating some new, efficient models into daily operations. Similarly, necessary automotive lubricants can also be replaced by “green” options.\n\nThese are just a few ideas to promote sustainability in manufacturing. What methods have you applied to your own business?

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