The Evolution of Cutting-Edge Lubricants

We’ve all grown accustomed to hearing how important it is to find alternatives to the historically used, diagnosis drugstore oil-based fluids. You’ve been told to buy them, and we’ve been told to develop them. You may already be a customer of our water-based products or naturally-derived, eco-based fluids. The question is, are the differences really as significant as they say?\n\nPart of the reason behind the push to replace oil-based products is the simple fact that the world’s oil supply is finite. As it depletes, fewer oil-based products of any kind will be available, and those that are available will become, necessarily, more costly.\n\nAnother reason behind the push for biodegradable “green” metalworking fluids (MWFs) are their effect on the immediate and surrounding environment. OSHA maintains a comprehensive resource list explaining the potentially toxic effects of MWFs on workers, along with prevention tips and potential solutions. In addition, the harsh effects of MWFs on the environment has led to increasingly stringent regulations on MWF disposal, impacting business processes and bottom lines.\n\nNecessity is the mother of invention. We are also sometimes fortunate enough to experience many bonus benefits beyond the original intent. By design, Pico’s development efforts have yielded many performance advantages. For example, through reduced friction from better lubricity, customers gain in production efficiency as well as longer tool life. In addition, a longer sump life translates into reduced waste disposal costs and reduced chemical consumption. Further, a crisp, water-based product results not only in the elimination of costly post-process cleaning activity, but also a much more operator-friendly work environment.\n\nAll in all, the benefits of bio-based, eco-friendly products fluids becomes clear.  After a while, it becomes easy to tune out repetitive messages about green, renewable products. But upon factual analysis, it’s nice to discover that our purchasing and development decisions really do make a difference.

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