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The Corrosive Effects of Increased Ethanol in Gasoline

Most people are aware that standard gasoline formulations now contain about 10% ethanol. This is the amount that has been determined “safe” for gasoline-powered vehicles. But not as many people are aware of the increased corrosion potential of ethanol-laced gasoline.\n\nWhile … Continue reading

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How Water-Based Products Improve Metalwork Processing While Reducing Cost

Sustainability is a major buzzword today. Greening your business operations is a way to not only contribute to a cleaner, cialis buy   safer work environment, but it’s also a great way to appeal to a wider audience that is … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Complimentary Fluid Analysis Program

Perhaps one of the greatest services Pico Chemical provides is our Complimentary Fluid Analysis Program (CFAP) for customers. The Program provides experienced technical service and laboratory analysis to ensure optimal functioning of products and systems. This is offered at no … Continue reading

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How Warm Weather Contributes to Rust, and Why It Matters to You

As we enter the full-swing of summer, sovaldi sale here it’s hard to see past the obvious gifts of the season – lounging by the pool and taking some much needed vacation. But summer also brings some unwelcome guests, and … Continue reading

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It’s Easy Being Green: Sustainability in Manufacturing

With Earth Day now behind us and World Environment Day approaching on June 5, sovaldi sale   being green is on the minds of many. Consumers aren’t the only ones incorporating sustainability into their daily lives,  however. There are many … Continue reading

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Stopping Rust and Corrosion in its Tracks

Fe2O3•nH2O and FeO(OH)•Fe(OH)3\n\nDon’t worry. This isn’t a chemistry test. What you see above are the two chemical formulas that make up the one of the biggest thieves in the steel industry: rust.\n\nLosing inventory, drugstore   scrapping pieces,  rework,  discounted product … Continue reading

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Pico Gives Back to the Community

\n\nPICO Chemical Corporation was a primary sponsor of the annual Golf on the Hill outing recently at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club. The event, nurse   held by the Sisters of St. Francis Christ the King, remedy   helps … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Cutting-Edge Lubricants

We’ve all grown accustomed to hearing how important it is to find alternatives to the historically used, diagnosis drugstore oil-based fluids. You’ve been told to buy them, and we’ve been told to develop them. You may already be a customer … Continue reading

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Our First Blog: Your Business is Our Business

Welcome to the new PICO Chemical Corporation blog! You can find information on our website about the environmentally-friendly, advice   value-enhanced, specialty chemicals and lubricants we manufacture; we’ll use this space to explore topics related to our business in more detail.\n\nAlthough … Continue reading

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