The Corrosive Effects of Increased Ethanol in Gasoline

Most people are aware that standard gasoline formulations now contain about 10% ethanol. This is the amount that has been determined “safe” for gasoline-powered vehicles. But not as many people are aware of the increased corrosion potential of ethanol-laced gasoline.\n\nWhile ethanol itself is not corrosive, ailment   its property of attracting water is key to the problem. Together,  ethanol and water create a medium perfect for growing acetobacter in the fuel tank. This bacterium creates a by-product called acetic acid, there which causes corrosion in the fuel system.\n\nThis isn’t a major threat for people who use their vehicles on a daily basis, where the tank is getting refueled regularly. The constant use and re-filling keeps bacterial growth at bay. But for vehicles that are garage-kept for long periods of time, corrosion is a major concern as the stagnant fuel becomes a perfect breeding ground. In addition, this issue isn’t unique to cars. Any machine that uses gas – including lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment, generators, seasonal recreation vehicles, etc. – faces the same threat to the fuel pump.\n\nOne way to combat the problem is to use a gas stabilizer if you know the equipment won’t be used for a while. This is a necessity right now as we move into winter when much of our outdoor gear is getting stored away in the shed or garage. Be sure to take inventory of what you have that uses gas, and properly stabilize it before locking it up for the season.\n\nFor more information on corrosion prevention, feel free to visit our website. We’d also like to hear about your own experiences with ethanol in gasoline, and any other tips you can provide. Feel free to tweet us your stories.

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How Water-Based Products Improve Metalwork Processing While Reducing Cost

Sustainability is a major buzzword today. Greening your business operations is a way to not only contribute to a cleaner, cialis buy   safer work environment, but it’s also a great way to appeal to a wider audience that is conscious of their ecological footprint. Regardless of your motives, many times these efforts also result in measurable cost savings.\n\nHow Being Green Saves Green\n\nFor one screw machine manufacturing plant, making the switch from straight oil to a water-based technology ended up saving them thousands of dollars.\n\nThe shop used 10 machines, each with its own 50-gallon sump. With a cost of $10 per gallon for the straight oil product, the total charge-up cost was $5,000. After learning about the water-based alternative, they decided to make the switch. The new product had a use-cost of just $1.50 per gallon, resulting in an overall cost of $750. Much of the savings come from the fact that the product is concentrated, allowing it to be cut at just 10% in water.\n\nNot only do environmentally friendly products work just as well as others, in some cases, they work better. In the case of the water-based metalworking lubricant, the product’s finish was improved, and the shop floor was left cleaner and safer for workers. Staff no longer had to worry about breathing in noxious fumes or slipping on an oil slick. Disposal costs were also reduced thanks to the elimination of environmentally hazardous oil.\n\nTo learn more about this screw machine shop case study, view the page on LinkedIn. Visit our website to learn more about water-based metalworking solution concentrates.

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The Benefits of a Complimentary Fluid Analysis Program

Perhaps one of the greatest services Pico Chemical provides is our Complimentary Fluid Analysis Program (CFAP) for customers. The Program provides experienced technical service and laboratory analysis to ensure optimal functioning of products and systems. This is offered at no cost to customers who continue to use Pico’s cleaners and/or lubricants.\n\nThe Program focuses on 6 main objectives:\n


  1. Improving Quality and Performance
  2. \n

  3. Reducing Consumption
  4. \n

  5. Reducing Maintenance and Labor
  6. \n

  7. Reducing Treatment and Disposal
  8. \n

  9. Improving Safety and Environmental Compliance
  10. \n

  11. Maximizing Return on Investment (ROI)
  12. \n

\nBy meeting these objectives, and   we aim to save customers money. Product consumption, physician sovaldi maintenance, advice and disposal methods all have associated costs. By optimizing performance, we’re helping to reduce these costs. In addition, one of our core goals at Pico is to be kind to the environment. Keeping that in focus as one of our main objectives helps us reach that goal.\n\nAs far as the program itself, we typically recommend a quarterly sample analysis in which samples are sent to our facility in clean containers. We’ll even provide a sample mailer kit when necessary. Our team then analyzes the sample and produces a detailed report which is later discussed with the customer.\n\nWe provide testing for just about anything, including pH, corrosion, solids content, bacterial and fungal growth, and more. Once we receive the sample, technicians begin the analysis within 24 hours. Once testing is complete, we get started on the report and provide recommendations, if necessary. Identifying and fixing problems as early as possible can reduce costs and improve overall function.\n\nFor more information and to set up a Complimentary Fluid Analysis, please contact us at your convenience.

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How Warm Weather Contributes to Rust, and Why It Matters to You

As we enter the full-swing of summer, sovaldi sale here it’s hard to see past the obvious gifts of the season – lounging by the pool and taking some much needed vacation. But summer also brings some unwelcome guests, and   especially for those of us in the manufacturing industry.\n\nIndustrialists in metalworking capacities, freight and shipping, warehousing and storage, and numerous other markets must be vigilant about preventing rust in warmer months.\n\nWhile warm air doesn’t technically “hold” more water, as many people believe, higher temperatures cause water molecules to move faster. This allows water to exist as a gas rather than just as a liquid. We know this gaseous water better as humidity. And while humidity may be uncomfortable for people, it can be downright destructive to metal – causing rust and corrosion.\n\nTo prevent rust in metal warehouses, one solution is implementing a dehumidification system. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from environmental air, and condense it as liquid waste that can be easily drained away. But all equipment malfunctions and fails at some point, and having an additional safeguard in place is necessary.\n\nIn addition, not all products can rely on dehumidification, including shipping barges, fleet vehicles and even bridges and rail lines.\n\nApplying rust and corrosion inhibitors to vulnerable metal is a great way to protect it from moisture damage. The coatings act as a shield from water, and some are even formulated to protect against threats like acid and salt. Salt is a big concern for freight companies that travel overseas. Ocean brine is very corrosive, and most metals need to be properly treated to survive under such conditions.\n\nWith the right metal coatings in place, even threats like warm weather and high humidity can be minimized for manufacturers, shippers, and warehousing facilities.

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It’s Easy Being Green: Sustainability in Manufacturing

With Earth Day now behind us and World Environment Day approaching on June 5, sovaldi sale   being green is on the minds of many. Consumers aren’t the only ones incorporating sustainability into their daily lives,  however. There are many ways metalworkers and other manufacturers can make their operations more environmentally friendly.\n\nClean and Green\n\nOne of the easiest ways to go green is by using environmentally friendly cleaning products. All businesses require products that will keep workspaces clean and healthy, but these products don’t need to contain harsh chemicals. Look at the ingredient labels in your supply closets and see which products can be swapped. Call Pico once you’re ready to make the switch.\n\nConduct an Audit\n\nConserving energy will not only boost corporate sustainability, but will also help the bottom line. Finding and fixing areas that are poorly insulated or have other damage will increase the efficiency of your operations.\n\nRecycle Waste Materials\n\nBy now most business establishments have at least one designated bin for recyclables such as paper or plastic. But what about metals? Metalworking usually produces a substantial quantity of scrap material. See if there’s a way to recycle these scraps, either onsite or via an outside facility.\n\nConsider No- or Low-Emission Equipment\n\nA number of auto manufacturers now have green lift trucks available. Consider upgrading your industrial fleet, or incorporating some new, efficient models into daily operations. Similarly, necessary automotive lubricants can also be replaced by “green” options.\n\nThese are just a few ideas to promote sustainability in manufacturing. What methods have you applied to your own business?

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Stopping Rust and Corrosion in its Tracks

Fe2O3•nH2O and FeO(OH)•Fe(OH)3\n\nDon’t worry. This isn’t a chemistry test. What you see above are the two chemical formulas that make up the one of the biggest thieves in the steel industry: rust.\n\nLosing inventory, drugstore   scrapping pieces,  rework,  discounted product or rejects due to corrosion will put a big dent in your profit margins. Cautionary measures of the past have included messy oil-based materials or highly-tacky fluids with flammable solvent carriers.\nRemoval of the r/c inhibitors before processing adds time, effort and cost to the equation.\nAs a result, some have played a dangerous game of Russian roulette, avoiding applying chemical protection, feeling it was worth taking the risk to avoid all the hassles of removal.\n\nConsider a cheap insurance policy. The cost is literally only pennies per ton.\n\nPicoguard 17625 is a water-based concentrate. Used at a low percentage in water, it provides reliable metal protection. Simply spray down material. That’s it. Picoguard 17625’s non-discernible film offers metal protection for 12 months and beyond in reasonable storage conditions.\n


  • Year-long indoor protection
  • \n

  • Dry to the touch
  • \n

  • Paintable
  • \n

  • Weldable
  • \n

  • Non-VOC
  • \n

  • No added pre-process steps
  • \n

  • No nitrites
  • \n

  • No heavy metals
  • \n

\nSummer is not far off, along with changing temperature, high humidity and condensation. Don’t gamble when you don’t have to. Give yourself peace of mind. Picoguard 17625 has a strong track record of proven performance.

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Pico Gives Back to the Community

\n\nPICO Chemical Corporation was a primary sponsor of the annual Golf on the Hill outing recently at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club. The event, nurse   held by the Sisters of St. Francis Christ the King, remedy   helps benefit Mount Assisi Academy and Alvernia Manor Senior Living,  both in Lemont, IL.\n\nOne of the longstanding highlights of the event is in the famous “Beat the Nun” contest. Each participant is challenged to get closer than Sr. Cindy to the pin on a par three hole.

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The Evolution of Cutting-Edge Lubricants

We’ve all grown accustomed to hearing how important it is to find alternatives to the historically used, diagnosis drugstore oil-based fluids. You’ve been told to buy them, and we’ve been told to develop them. You may already be a customer of our water-based products or naturally-derived, eco-based fluids. The question is, are the differences really as significant as they say?\n\nPart of the reason behind the push to replace oil-based products is the simple fact that the world’s oil supply is finite. As it depletes, fewer oil-based products of any kind will be available, and those that are available will become, necessarily, more costly.\n\nAnother reason behind the push for biodegradable “green” metalworking fluids (MWFs) are their effect on the immediate and surrounding environment. OSHA maintains a comprehensive resource list explaining the potentially toxic effects of MWFs on workers, along with prevention tips and potential solutions. In addition, the harsh effects of MWFs on the environment has led to increasingly stringent regulations on MWF disposal, impacting business processes and bottom lines.\n\nNecessity is the mother of invention. We are also sometimes fortunate enough to experience many bonus benefits beyond the original intent. By design, Pico’s development efforts have yielded many performance advantages. For example, through reduced friction from better lubricity, customers gain in production efficiency as well as longer tool life. In addition, a longer sump life translates into reduced waste disposal costs and reduced chemical consumption. Further, a crisp, water-based product results not only in the elimination of costly post-process cleaning activity, but also a much more operator-friendly work environment.\n\nAll in all, the benefits of bio-based, eco-friendly products fluids becomes clear.  After a while, it becomes easy to tune out repetitive messages about green, renewable products. But upon factual analysis, it’s nice to discover that our purchasing and development decisions really do make a difference.

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Our First Blog: Your Business is Our Business

Welcome to the new PICO Chemical Corporation blog! You can find information on our website about the environmentally-friendly, advice   value-enhanced, specialty chemicals and lubricants we manufacture; we’ll use this space to explore topics related to our business in more detail.\n\nAlthough we take pride in the quality of our products, our focus today is on a different strength of at least equal importance — our exceptional customer service mentality. The purpose of our cleaning, conditioning, lubricating, and corrosion protection products is to provide value through improved efficiencies, bolstered performance, and cost reductions.  Any time you spend waiting for product is time lost.  This is why we have a culture organized around responsiveness.  We go beyond the call of duty, coming early and staying late if required for fast production turnaround and delivery.  This responsiveness holds for small batches and even bulk/drum shipments (our production capacity is +20,000 gallons).\n\nAnother reason we can respond so quickly is that we plan ahead.  The same way you rely on us, we depend on our materials suppliers. We’ve taken as much of the responsibility into our own hands as possible, keeping quantities of our most-used raw materials in stock.  Also, after over 36 years in this business, we have developed strong relationships with top-quality, service-driven suppliers, who deliver quickly when we need them. Commitment to customer service also encompasses quality; for example, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified. And if one of our regular line products does not suit an application, we will custom formulate a product for that need.\n\nWhether you’re looking for a specific product, or you’re interested in learning more about environmentally- or operator-friendly alternatives, consider us a resource to satisfy your process improvement and regulatory needs.

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